The Butchers’ Coalition – An Economic Agreement for Severe Austerity

By The Left Banker

The agreement between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems marks the first coalition government since 1931. The situation in both cases was very familiar. Capitalism is struggling with a severe economic and financial crisis that the wealthy, rich and bankers want to make the bulk of the population – the working class and the poor – pay for. Under the disguise of “national interest” and the “big society” they have to “balance” their budget with cuts in public services, jobs and wages.

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2 Responses

  1. “Sweatshop Manufacturing: Engine of Poverty”…

    “Timeline of events”

    “The Singer strike 1911″…

  2. sspedinburgh

    Just to let you know I won`t be back on here.

    All the best.

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