Children Targeted in Fresh Cuts

Children in Glasgow join a sit-in to keep their primary school open.

“MORE than £20 million of secret education cuts are being lined up by city council chiefs, it emerged today.” reports the Edinburgh Evening News (click here for the full story).  This after a attempts to close numerous schools last year and in 2008 [1], as well as the more recent attempts to close community centres in Gorgie, Wester Hailes, Oxgangs, Colinton and elsewhere, which host essential Sure Start programs, after-school clubs, social clubs and educational programs [2].

If nothing else, a crisis is very good at revealing priorities, and it’s clear that the SNP/Lib Dem Edinburgh council has theirs very wrong indeed.


Fighting War, Fighting Cuts

It was another busy Saturday for the Edinburgh SSP.  Members headed to Princes Street to campaign against the occupation of Afghanistan, and to Glasgow to join thousands in battling against the cuts being imposed on education (EIS report of the demonstration here).

Across the country the four pro-cuts parties of Westminster and Holyrood have been targeting education; closing schools and reducing budgets.  And across the country, in Edinburgh (link), in Glasgow (link), and wherever it may occur, the SSP has joined local campaigners and trade unions in the fightback.

It is unconscionable that the occupation of Afghanistan has now cost the UK £18 billion (to say nothing of the lives lost) while schools and important local services are scrapped in order to save a few thousand pounds here and there.  Regardless of which party wins the election (Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem or SNP), so tamed by the bankers are they that we can expect more of the same.  Now only we the public have the capacity to stand up and say No.

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Branch Meeting, 19th November

Edinburgh north and south branches hold their monthly joint meeting this Thursday (15th October) at 7:30pm in Nelson Hall, 5 Spittalfield Crescent, Edinburgh (EH8 9QZ).  The main topic of discussion will be the upcoming Independence Referendum Bill, along with updates on recent campaigns, including the demonstration against NATO and the work against Edinburgh school closures.

If you are interested in attending you can get in touch with us at

Campaign Against School Closures

Burdiehouse Primary

Following discussion with parents from Burdiehouse Primary School at the last branch meeting, SSP members distributed leaflets across the local area yesterday, urging the council to keep the school open.  Details of the leaflet can be found on Colin Fox’s blog.