Scottish Socialist Voice: Stop the Butcher’s Buget

That’s right!   The Scottish Socialist Voice is back online with this special edition covering the ConDem coalition budget.

Amongst the goodies found within is plenty of the left-analysis that has been deafening in its absence from the mainstream media; plenty of discussion as to what we the public can do as active participants in the economy to resist the imminent 25% cuts in everything from education to transport; and a special look at the now infamous example of Canada that is so often cited by the coalition to justify its macro-economic policies — macro economic policies that leave Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman predicting a ‘lost decade’ of recession and stagnation.

You can get it hot off the presses by clicking here: Scottish Socialist Voice.


SSP Releases Alternative Budget

The Scottish Socialist Party opposes the economic strategy adopted by the Tory/Liberal coalition. We propose an alternative strategy based on equality, democracy and sustainability which would deliver a better economic future for the country and a better quality of life for the people. This Alternative Budget outlines the ‘people not profit’ policies that the SSP advocates.

Read the summary here:

Read the full document here:

Fred the Shred and Social Justice

There is rarely such a fine example of our economic system as Fred Goodwin — or ‘Fred the Shred’ as he was nicknamed due to his penchant for firing masses of workers.  After running the Royal Bank of Scotland into the ground, costing the taxpayer hundreds of billions of pounds, and then walking off with a multi-million pound retirement package, he has now moved into a new Edinburgh home costing £3.5 million.

While millions face unemployment, bankruptcy and eviction due to the global economic crisis that he helped set in motion, he continues to live a life of luxury without a care in the world.

Now, it would be wrong to personalise this as being all about Fred Goodwin himself; rather, this is, in microcosm, global capitalism as it currently stands.  The capitalist class makes millions during the boom and retires with further millions after the bust; meanwhile the rest of us are left to pay the bill and suffer the consequences.

Welcome to the Lab/Lib/Con ‘fairness agenda’.

We at the SSP believe that another world is possible; that those who caused the crisis should pay for it, and that the working classes shouldn’t have to sacrifice their standard of living so that another failed banker can move into a bigger house or hire a new servant.

Children Targeted in Fresh Cuts

Children in Glasgow join a sit-in to keep their primary school open.

“MORE than £20 million of secret education cuts are being lined up by city council chiefs, it emerged today.” reports the Edinburgh Evening News (click here for the full story).  This after a attempts to close numerous schools last year and in 2008 [1], as well as the more recent attempts to close community centres in Gorgie, Wester Hailes, Oxgangs, Colinton and elsewhere, which host essential Sure Start programs, after-school clubs, social clubs and educational programs [2].

If nothing else, a crisis is very good at revealing priorities, and it’s clear that the SNP/Lib Dem Edinburgh council has theirs very wrong indeed.

Candidate Colin Fox on the BBC

Edinburgh South-West Candidate Colin Fox spoke to the BBC about what the SSP stands for a few days ago, highlighting the fight against cuts, war and corruption in parliament.  You can find the a recording of the interview by clicking here.

SSP Party Political Broadcast

Trident, unemployment, inequality and cuts versus an Independent Socialist Scotland.

Public Meeting, 27th April, Say No to Cuts in Public Services

When: Tuesday 27th April, 7.30pm

Where: St Brides Centre, Orwell Terrace (click for map)

Speakers: Colin Fox, SSP National spokesman & Parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh South West

Aidan Murphy, Save Gorgie Memorial Hall Campaign

Sandra Young, Platform Adult Learning Project