Fighting the Cuts

While some slight technical difficulties have meant that the blog has been off-line for the past couple of months, it has been a busy time for the SSP in Edinburgh.

In September a meeting was held to discuss our alternative to the Tory/Lib Dem/Labour/SNP cuts — the Scottish Service Tax (SST); a local income tax to replace the Council Tax.  Currently the poor pay proportionately a much greater amount in local taxation than the wealthy, and despite both the Lib Dems and the SNP recognising this and promising the repeal the Council Tax at the last Holyrood election, neither have made any serious attempt to do so — both voting against it at various times.  The SST would put this promise into practice, provide Scotland with the most progressive tax regime in Europe,and in the process raise enough to cover the entire budget deficit.  The table below shows a breakdown of who would pay.

A full explanation can be found on pages two and three of September’s Scottish Socialist Voice (click here for a free electronic copy).

This was followed up in October by the hugely successful anti-cuts demonstration, bringing together 20,000 people from across Scotland to oppose not just the Tory/Lib Dem budget, but Labour’s planned cuts as well.

However, the SSP recognises that the Tory/Lib Dem government won’t be put off by the occasional mass demonstration, just as Labour weren’t put off of invading Iraq despite millions marching in London, Glasgow, and across the world.  It is important to turn such tremendous shows of solidarity and opposition into concrete organisation and political action.  To that end we have been and will continue to organise meetings to educate, agitate and build a genuine alternative to challenge the Tory/Lib Dem dismantling of the welfare system before it’s too late.


Scottish Socialist Voice: Stop the Butcher’s Buget

That’s right!   The Scottish Socialist Voice is back online with this special edition covering the ConDem coalition budget.

Amongst the goodies found within is plenty of the left-analysis that has been deafening in its absence from the mainstream media; plenty of discussion as to what we the public can do as active participants in the economy to resist the imminent 25% cuts in everything from education to transport; and a special look at the now infamous example of Canada that is so often cited by the coalition to justify its macro-economic policies — macro economic policies that leave Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman predicting a ‘lost decade’ of recession and stagnation.

You can get it hot off the presses by clicking here: Scottish Socialist Voice.

Scottish Socialist Voice

After a brief hiatus the new issue of the Scottish Socialist Voice has been released, covering the elections, assisted dying, the occupation of Afghanistan, privatisation, industrial action, movie reviews and more.

It is for sale at Wordpower in Edinburgh, the Wee Red Bookshop in Glasgow, and SSP stalls and meetings across the country for the low, low price of 80p.  Alternatively you can read it online for free by clicking here.