Fighting for a Fairer Society

Burdiehouse Primary, closed by the SNP/Lib Dem Council

The past month has been a busy one for the SSP in Edinburgh, with our continuing anti-war and anti-cuts work combining with the by-election in Liberton and Gilmerton.  Standing on a platform of opposing the cuts and scrapping the council tax we put three different leaflets out in he constituency, and we were rewarded by a 64% increase in our vote, and a multitude of second preferences, coming in particular from Labour, SNP and Independent voters.

We now have nine months to convince voters that neither Labour nor the SNP will seriously oppose the incoming draconian cuts (made clear by the cuts that both of these parties have made in councils across the country and in national government), or create a fairer tax system where the rich pay their share.

You can read a full analysis of the results at SSP National Co-Spokesperson, Colin Fox’s, blog:


Edinburgh South Council By-Election

Colin Fox joins striking postal workers to oppose New Labour's attempts to privatise the Royal Mail last year.

By Colin Fox,

I am delighted to have been selected as the Scottish Socialist Party’s candidate to fight the forthcoming City Council by-election in the Liberton/Gilmerton ward of Edinburgh.
I live in the area and have been an active campaigner here for the past 15 years. This ward is amongst the poorest in the city and it has been deprived of investment and support for many years. If Edinburgh is the second richest city in Britain then you wouldn’t know it living in the Liberton/Gilmerton ward.

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Branch Meeting, 20th May

When: Thursday, 20th May, 7:30pm

Where: Nelson Hall Community Centre

Subject: General election analysis, strategy for the future.

Additional Information: If you would like to attend, or have any questions, you can get in touch with us at

The Election Everyone Lost

By Colin Fox (SSP National Co-spokesperson)

Did you hear the one about the election everyone lost?

Labour the party in power lost 100 seats and with it the chance to continue in Government after 13 years.

The Conservatives lost the victory all the polls had been promising them for the past 18 months.

The Liberals suffered perhaps the most devastating humiliation after Cleggmania turned out to be a complete and utter mirage.  The man who apparently wowed us so much in the great TV Leadership debates actually lost a significant number of seats rather than gaining any.

The Nationalists also lost seats. Instead of going from 7 to 20 as Alex Salmond confidently predicted they actually went back to 6.

Scottish Socialist candidates lost all their deposits. We averaged around 1% of the votes cast,which was just as we expected, but the increase in Labour’s vote in Scotland was not anticipated!

Click Here to read the full article on Colin’s blog.

Victory for a Party Scotland Didn’t Elect

Despite the votes counted and the seats declared, only two things can be said for certain tonight.  First: that Scotland roundly rejected the Conservatives and their planned attacks on working people.

While they gained 97 seats in England (giving them a significant majority there despite getting under 40% of the vote) and 5 seats in Wales, they failed to make any breakthrough in Scotland, maintaining only their 1 solitary seat in the borders.

While Labour bigwigs tried in earnest last night to claim this as an endorsement of Labour’s regime of cuts, war and corruption, some of the more honest candidates admitted that their victory was on the back of an anti-Tory vote in an unrepresentative voting system, which led to pro-Labour tactical voting at the expense of smaller parties.

But perhaps more significantly, Scotland once again finds itself looking down the barrel of the democratic deficit, potentially ruled by a party that finished 4th in the popular vote here.  This is doubly significant today, since their policies will disproportionately affect living standards in Scotland, which maintains a strong public sector.  The result will be higher unemployment, lower wages and a loss of social services across the country, all brought about by a  government we didn’t elect, and all against a backdrop of multi-billion dollar bonuses for the super-rich.

But regardless of whether our next Prime Minister turns out to be Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat, the next year is going to be an extremely difficult one for Scotland, as all three seek to do exactly the same thing.

And here we have our second certainty of the night: that the Scottish Socialist Party will fight the attacks on working people and our services every step of the way.

We would like to thank everyone who put their time, money and votes into the SSP election campaign in Edinburgh South West.  We put across a consistent and positive socialist alternative and met a lot of good people in the process.  We come out of it larger and stronger and ready for the year to come.

Vote SSP on May 6th

Election day is finally here, as tomorrow millions of people will go to the polls.  The SSP is standing in 10 seats across Scotland, including Edinburgh South West, on a socialist platform of People Not Profit.

It is time to stand up to the four main parties, each a mirror image of cuts, war and corruption.  If elected we will campaign in Westminster for the following:

  • Withdraw troops from Afghanistan.
  • Oppose all cuts and closures in public services — let the bankers pay for the bankers’ crisis.
  • Clean up parliament — our MPs will take only the average wage of £23,000 year (as they did in the Scottish parliament).
  • Fund youth jobs and prevent another ‘lost generation’ as we saw under Thatcher.
  • Close the loopholes that allow the rich to dodge over £135 billion in tax every year.
  • Implement a fair tax system where the rich pay their share.
  • Scrap the council tax and replace it with a local income tax.
  • Scrap the £100 billion Trident program.

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See our election communication to Edinburgh South West by clicking here.

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Colin Fox on the Fight for Edinburgh South West

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