Anti-Fascism, Anti-Imperialism, Pro-Democracy – 20th February

Saturday, 20th of February, will be a busy day for the SSP in Edinburgh.  At 9:30 am the Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance is meeting to organise against the fascist presence that is being bussed into the city.  Later on in the morning Scotland United is meeting around Princes Street Gardens before marching to the Meadows.  And from 11:30am onwards (circumstances permitting) we will be holding a stall at our usual location to protest against the occupation of Afghanistan.

As always, if you are interested in the party or just want to discuss the ongoing issues, you can find us at any of these three locations under the yellow banners, or contact


Anti-Fascist Protest, 20th February

SSP members rout the SDL in Glasgow last year

SSP members from across Scotland will be joining the Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance this Saturday to counter-protest the EDL/SDL presence in the city — a far-right organisation that targets Muslims.  Their demonstrations in England have descended into violence, leading to a police crackdown and increased interest from journalists, who have exposed strong links with the BNP.

This will be the SDL’s second outing, after they were routed in Glasgow last year (click for details).

The Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance will be meeting outside Princes Mall on Princes Street, at 9.30am on Saturday 20th February.  More details can be found at their website:

Anti-Fascist Meeting, 14th January

The Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance is holding an organising meeting this Thursday in the upstairs room of the Forest cafe, 3 Bristo Place today (Thursday 14th) in preparation for the planned SDL march this February.  You can keep in touch with the Alliance on their Facebook Page.