Support the Postal Workers

Photo by Craig Mclean

Photo by Craig MacLean

The SSP stands behind the postal workers in their action against management bullying, their unilateral tearing up of national agreements, and their attempts to privatise the Royal Mail.  Members joined picket lines across the country to show their support.

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End the War in Afghanistan — Bring the Troops Home

Colin Fox and Rose Gentle

As the death toll continues to mount in Afghanistan a majority of people in Britain now ask ‘What is this war for? Why are hundreds of young British soldiers being killed?’’

The SSP has been campaigning against the war in Afghanistan since it began eight years ago in 2001, and now as the record becomes clear — a warlord government, over 200 UK soldiers dead, and up to 30,000 Afghan civilians dead — it has once again leapt onto the front pages, with a majority in Britain now supporting complete withdrawal.

We can currently be found outside the former Marks and Spencer near the west end of Princes Street campaigning on this issue, every Saturday on Princes Street between 12 noon and 1:30pm.

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Events: Public Meeting held on the 2nd of September 2009, 7:30pm at the Jury’s Inn on Jeffrey Street, with speakers Rose Gentle and Colin Fox.

Public Meeting held on 18th of September 2009, 1pm at Edinburgh University, with speakers Colin Fox and Mohammad Asif.

Keep Johnny Walker in Kilmarnock — People Not Profit


The SSP joined the 20,000 that marched through Kilmarnock in July against the closure of the Johnny Walker’s bottling plant there.  For a company already making in excess of £2 billion profit a year to devastate the lives of 900 workers and an entire community is completely unacceptable.  We need to move to an economic system that puts people, not profits for the rich, as the first priority.

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Royal Mail Not For Sale

CWU Edinburgh

New Labour’s attempt to privatise the Royal Mail was a purely ideological move without justification, as even its own report informed it: “Opening up the postal service to the market has provided no significant benefits to domestic consumers or small businesses.”  Edinburgh SSP campaigned closely with the local CWU union branch to mobilise the 95% of the population that opposed the move, ultimately forcing the government into a U-turn in mid 2009.

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May Day 2009

Edinburgh May Day

Edinburgh May Day, organised by the Edinburgh People’s Festival, was joined by a strong contingent of SSP members, marching from East Market Street to Holyrood Parliament via the Royal Mile, where music was provided by Voice of the Black Knife and speeches were given by Hilary Wainwright, the Editor of Red Pepper, Matt Wrack, the General Secretary of the FBU, Mark Lyons, Unite convenor at the Grangemouth oil refinery, and Colin Fox of the Edinburgh May Day Committee.

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