New Year: New Branches

2014 has been a phenomenal year for the Scottish Socialist Party. Thousands of new people have applied to join, and dozens of new branches have sprung up across the length and breadth of Scotland. Many of them, have done so in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Since the end of the referendum much work has been done on helping to form the necessary branch structures across Scotland for all members to be fully able to have the opportunities and the space to contribute, develop and have their voices heard.


By the end of 2014 therefore, SSP branch covering Edinburgh, Midlothian and East Lothian had grown far too large to effectively function as a single branch, into two new branches. The historic decision was therefore taken in December 2014 to divide the ever-expanding old branch, into two new ones:

  • Edinburgh South and Midlothian,
  • Edinburgh North and East Lothian,

Over the next few days and weeks, this site will be updated to cover the new Edinburgh South and Midlothian branch. Facebook and twitter accounts are also on the way for the new branch!


The new Edinburgh South and Midlothian branch will be holding its first meeting on Thursday the 15th of January, at 7pm in the Nelson hall. By the 15th a new e-mail address will be established for the branch, but until then, any queries may be addressed to, interim branch secretary, Calum Martin at:




SSP Marches for a Free Gaza

Photo by Eddie Truman

SSP members from across Scotland joined 5,000 others in Edinburgh today to march along Princes Street against the Israeli blockade of Gaza and the brutal enforcement that was brought to the world’s attention last Monday when 57 peace activists were shot,  9 of whom lost their lives (5 were shot in the back or the back of the head).  The march made stops at the American consulate, Alex Salmond’s residence, and Marks and Spencers (a key target of the boycott campaign), in order to put pressure on the international community to finally take action.

The blockade of Gaza, illegal under international law, has cut the amount of humanitarian aid getting into the area by 75% and destroyed the local economy — especially farming.  This in turn has left most Gazans dependent on international aid and nine out of ten living below the poverty line of $1 a day.  The UN has called the blockade ‘medieval’, and found that only a third of the aid necessary to feed the population is allowed in.

Among the ‘dangerous’ products banned from entering Gaza are fabric, dried fruit, and any construction materials, meaning that the homes, hospitals and schools destroyed by Israeli bombing cannot be rebuilt.

You can see SSP National Co-Spokesperson Colin Fox’s statement by clicking here.

Candidate Colin Fox on the BBC

Edinburgh South-West Candidate Colin Fox spoke to the BBC about what the SSP stands for a few days ago, highlighting the fight against cuts, war and corruption in parliament.  You can find the a recording of the interview by clicking here.

Public Meeting: end the occupation, stop the cuts!

When: Thursday 8th April, 7.30pm

Where: BMC Club, Gorgie


Colin Fox, SSP National co-spokesperson

Aidan Murphy, Save the Gorgie Memorial Hall Campaign.

Joan Humphries, Military Families Against The War