Children Targeted in Fresh Cuts

Children in Glasgow join a sit-in to keep their primary school open.

“MORE than £20 million of secret education cuts are being lined up by city council chiefs, it emerged today.” reports the Edinburgh Evening News (click here for the full story).  This after a attempts to close numerous schools last year and in 2008 [1], as well as the more recent attempts to close community centres in Gorgie, Wester Hailes, Oxgangs, Colinton and elsewhere, which host essential Sure Start programs, after-school clubs, social clubs and educational programs [2].

If nothing else, a crisis is very good at revealing priorities, and it’s clear that the SNP/Lib Dem Edinburgh council has theirs very wrong indeed.


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  1. “Prior to the 1997 election, which brought Labour to government, one senior Conservative smugly noted that, in terms of economic policy, there was “not a cigarette paper between” the Thatcherite Tory Party and Blair’s New Labour.”…

    We on the left knew that.

  2. “The Common People”

  3. “What I say to people on the doorstep is we will only cut your throat slowly, the others will cut your head off” was a comment of New Labour MP for Blyth Valley in the North East, Ronnie Campbell, in a local paper.”

    Ronnie Campbell New Labour got back in 17,156 votes, proves that honesty pays…lol.

    You couldn`t make it up.

  4. Some ref links for you…

    An excellent historical reference site, one to bookmark.

    “The Corruption of New Labour: Britain’s Watergate?”…

    Forget the election, it has already been decided.

    Our new government…

    “India’s EVMs are Vulnerable to Fraud”…

    One of the best sites on the web…

  5. Another excellent historical reference site, one to bookmark…

    Knowledge is power.

  6. “We know that some people will claim that the minister’s comments are evidence that campaigning to save DLA was unnecessary. It’s a claim, however, that can only be be made by ignoring such as the following.”…

  7. sspedinburgh

    How about this as the only way out?.

    Form our own independent socialist commune?. Cut ourselves off from all this insanity. Can`t come up with anything else.

    I can tell you this, the powers that be would fear such a move, well it might catch on with people, they wouldn`t like that….I should have said they wouldn`t allow that.

  8. I see tonight that the Lib Dems and New Labour are talking about a Lib Dem/Lab Coalition…

    Straw man and Miliband could/might arrange some overnight rendition flights for the Liberal democrat negotiating team.

    Just to make them more pliable you understand.

    All this will work out well for the tories, you wait and see.

  9. “Red Clydeside: Images and information on the history of Red Clydeside and the Scottish Labour movement of the early 20th century”…

  10. Saw this on New Labour MP Dave Anderson web site, scary or what.

    Scroll down the page to read.

    Defending Council Housing…

    For once I believe a New Labour MP.

  11. May 9, 2010

    “Dorries faces new expenses query”…

    What was it Cameron said about the Tories represent a cleaner politics.


    “Angie Bray in Ealing Central and Acton was unabashed about using political links formed while working for the Tory communications machine to help her private PR clients”

    Angie Bray is a tory and she just got elected as MP for Ealing Central and Acton.

    What was it Cameron said about the Tories represent a cleaner politics.

  12. The greens supported this and knew what they were doing, we were just fooled (again). Still better late then never..

    The greens have time and again throughout Europe supported the right, and propped them up.

    You have to be RED to bea true green.

  13. A lib dem/con government…

    I wonder if the city of london stockbroker boys are running around buying ferrari cars and £1200 bottles of champers to toast the lib dems?.

    They must be banking on getting the disabled/sick /old peoples DLA /AA off them.

  14. And their heating allowance, free bus passes, etc,etc.

  15. I just saw this on a blog…

    “Get ready for the Con-Dem Nation!”

    Spot on.

  16. The lib dems done this when times were good?.

    They voted to KEEP prescription charges in Scotland for chronic medical conditions.

    Examples of chronic medical conditions which are NOT exempt from prescription charges:

    Multiple Sclerosis
    Crohn’s Disease
    Chronic Leukaemia
    Ulcerative Colitis
    Hepatitis C

    What will they do in times like these. I think we know.

  17. From 2009.

    `Missouri State Legislator Davis to Hungry Kids: Let Them Eat McDonalds!`

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