Fighting War, Fighting Cuts

It was another busy Saturday for the Edinburgh SSP.  Members headed to Princes Street to campaign against the occupation of Afghanistan, and to Glasgow to join thousands in battling against the cuts being imposed on education (EIS report of the demonstration here).

Across the country the four pro-cuts parties of Westminster and Holyrood have been targeting education; closing schools and reducing budgets.  And across the country, in Edinburgh (link), in Glasgow (link), and wherever it may occur, the SSP has joined local campaigners and trade unions in the fightback.

It is unconscionable that the occupation of Afghanistan has now cost the UK £18 billion (to say nothing of the lives lost) while schools and important local services are scrapped in order to save a few thousand pounds here and there.  Regardless of which party wins the election (Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem or SNP), so tamed by the bankers are they that we can expect more of the same.  Now only we the public have the capacity to stand up and say No.

Interested in helping the fightback?  Contact us at


One Response

  1. Yep,

    Lets cut the government, its already far to big.

    Just give the cash back to the public and let us decide how are hard earnt cash is spent instead of some socialist control freak which we have now in power.


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